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INVENTORYMAGICSPREADSHEET (IMS) is an Excel workbook developed to make inventory control available to everyone. Affordable, yet easy to learn and simple to use, INVENTORYMAGICSPREADSHEET (IMS) is based on many years of responsibility for inventory control (and many physical inventories) As a former corporate trainer, we have a multitude of different training options. Four quick tour videos for those who learn visually. An integrated manual (plus a stand alone version) Finally a web version.

Inventory control has never been more important than it is today. Money is super tight. And losing a customer because you are out of stock becomes super painful.

INVENTORYMAGICSPREADSHEET (IMS) provides the structure that enables you to control your inventory. We are looking forward to having you as a satisfied customer.

Remember: 1. Easy to learn. 2. Simple to use. 3. Leverage your Excel skills. IMS is the trifecta of inventory control products.

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