Inventory Magic


Inventory Magic Spreadsheet (IMS) is the Excel-based inventory solution designed to make tracking and controlling stock simple.

Our inventory gurus have spent a lifetime perfecting the basics of inventory control. Spend a few minutes and watch our video quick tours.

Why learn a new program when you already know Excel? You have more important things to do with your time. Why train an employee on new inventory program if they know Excel?

Inventory Magic is WAY MORE than a simple spreadsheet. Our head Excel Master has been working with Microsoft Excel since the very beginning.


You will not believe how many things Inventory Magic Spreadsheet can do! And how easy it will do it. Once you get your data into Inventory Magic, you will see why it provides the best ROI. Inventory Magic is available for $99. Plus, for every copy of IMS sold, we donate $10 to Feeding America.


IMS...the inventory spreadsheet that will save both time and money. What could be better? Watch our introductory video quick tour. You'll be saying I WANT MY INVENTORY MAGIC!