COUNT SHEET: Easily update quantities based on a physical count.

Enter your count - 725 for your count of Budweiser, date & comment.

Click Update quantities - IMS adjusts it's Quantity On Hand to match!

LIST AND RULES: Save time & ensure accuracy using Excel's Data Validation.

Anywhere there is a dropdown list in IMS, the user can select from the data entered below.

New: Inventory Magic creates a backup file every time you open it!

New: Inventory Magic allows you do determine how many decimal places for the Quantity on Hand field.



ITEM HISTORY REPORT: The ultimate audit trail.


A list of inventory moving in & out.


THE PROJECT - JOB - CLIENT COST REPORT (PJC REPORT): Who used what, and what did it cost?


Enter the data in the Inventory Out Sheet.


Just run the PJC Report.