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Inventory Magic Spreadsheet was created to address the challenge of inventory control. If you're the person responsible for the inventory of your organization, then our inventory spreadsheet is for you. After using our inventory solution for just a short while, you'll agree with our users that say: Thank goodness for Inventory Magic!

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We have the solution.


If you're focussed on the success of your business, organization, or group, you need an inventory system that can help you manage your inventory accurately and, more importantly, your time efficiently.


Meet IMS: the smart spreadsheet system that makes tracking and controlling stock quick and simple. Designed to work with Excel – a program you're probably already familiar with – IMS is extremely user-friendly and easy to master. Why learn a new program when you already use Excel?

It's the perfect fit for your business, organization, or group.


IMS is ideal for different organizations, professional service providers and indeed any small business owner or workgroup member who wants to take control of their inventory.