IMS Quick Tours


Discover how our inventory spreadsheet can help you take control of your inventory.

Explore the features of Inventory Magic by watching our 3 quick tour videos below.

(Audio is on mute by default)


Video #1- Introduction
This video reviews the following 4 items


- The Item Summary Sheet: A quick overview of your current inventory levels


- The Inventory In Sheet: Add items to your inventory


- The Inventory Out Sheet: Subtract items from your inventory 


- The Inventory Report: Review your data quickly and easily


These features are designed to save you time.


- The Item Setup Sheet: Transfer your existing data into Inventory Magic Spreadsheet


- The Transfer In Sheet: Manage cases with different item quantities easily


- The Transfer Out Sheet: Manage kits of products or individual items with ease


- The Order Report: Know when to reorder stock and how much it will cost


Video #2- Time saving features
Video #3- Power User Features
These 'power features' will make you an inventory pro!


The Count Sheet: Make quantity adjustments in seconds


The Lists & Rules Sheet: Provides data validation, automatic backup, and more


The PJC Report: Calculate the inventory cost for projects, jobs, and clients


The Item History Report: Keep track of all inventory changes and keep your stock secure


The Physical Inventory Count Sheet: Handouts for the inventory takers